2017 Conference Presentation

3-Point Belts

The importance of Transportation in the IEP Decision

Stop Arm Enforcement

Transportation Safety

Saving Money by Routing Buses Efficiently

NTSB Communications Presentation

Making a Team

Being a Winner

Driver Symposium Management Original

Hosting an Emergency Management Symposium

2016 Conference Presentation

Responding to Traumtic Events

New Director Expectations

De-escaltion Training

Crash Management

CBI & the Transportation Plan


Vulnerability Assessment


State Leadership Forum Discussion

SESPTC Presentation Handout

SESPTC Presentation PowerPoint

Safety Concerns for School Bus Stop Selection

2014 Conference Presentation

Emergency Evacuation Training

Passenger Restraints - Proper Use of Car Seats

2013 Conference

"Comedy Hypnotist Erick Kand"

2012 Conference Presentation

Addressing Bullying on the Nation's School Buses

FMCSA Regulatory Update

Avoiding Oh No Headlines

Bus Driver Management & Investigations

Gray Summit, Missouri TSA Briefing

TSA Presentation

2011 Conference Presentation

Why I Bleed Yellow

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

TSA - Bill Arrington

Love the Bus

School Redistricting and Locating Sexual Offenders

1st Annual National Stop Arms Violation Survey

2010 Conference Presentations

North Carolina Rider Study

Homeless Presentation

Driver Fatigue



Motor Coach

2009 Conference Presentation

Training Beyond the Basic "George Horn"

Stop Arms



NCST Summary

Florida Inspection Program

2008 Conference Presentations

2007 Conference Flashback

NCST Summary for SESPTC 2008

National Issues

School Bus Drivers Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition

Evacuation of Special Needs Students

Student Behavior

Surviving A Media Encounter

Safe School Bus Stops

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